New Year’s Resolution

15 Minutes a Day

Some days I feel that maintaining my home is just another thing on my never ending to do list. Every day there are more dirty dishes, they just don’t stop.

For 2019 I am changing my mindset around household maintenance. I want to think about these tasks as a form of self care. As Gretchen Rubin says, “Outer order contributes to inner calm.” I have a hard time relaxing when my home is in a state of chaos. When my home is clean and orderly, I feel so much better. I’m happier, calmer and a much nicer person to be around.

I am going to set a personal goal to spend 15 minutes each evening doing a clean sweep of the main living areas in my home. This specifically applies to my kitchen, living room, entry, and bathrooms. I will set a timer on my phone, return stray items to their respective homes, wipe down the table and kitchen counter, go through the mail and distribute or recycle as needed. Clutter acts like a magnet on flat surfaces and will attract more clutter. By taking 15 minutes to complete these tasks each day, I hope to stay ahead of the clutter and take care of my sanity in the process. Bonus points if I can convince my family to also join me for 15 minutes each day!

What are your tricks for managing your home each day?