Transform Your Home. Transform Your Life.

Organizing is my passion and I love sharing my passion with others. I deeply believe that our spaces and belongings have power over how we feel each day. When we take back control from the chaos, we step into our power to live a life with intention.

I will work one on one with you to customize a solution for your home and life. You may be planning for a new addition to your family or downsizing into the next phase of your life. I can help tackle the clutter and chaos of your current situation, then we will create a plan to maintain your new system. I will be by your side as we move through what can be an overwhelming task for many people.

Why Hire an Organizer?

Working with an organizer can bring many benefits to your life and home.

Here’s just a few:

  • Less Stress: Find what you need when you need it. Stop wasting time searching for your keys and get out the door on time.

  • Love Your Home: In a perfect world how would you want use the rooms in your home? We will work together to identify the goals for your home and then create spaces that you will use and love.

  • Save Money: Stop buying duplicates of items you already own. No more late fees, lost rebates, and possibly find some misplaced money in the organizing process.

  • Take Back Control: Stop clutter in its tracks and take back control of your home. Learn how to reduce the amount of clutter in your life.

  • Preserve Your Family Memories: Get your photos organized in albums, archival boxes, or turn them into digital memories.

  • Support: Get the support and resources you need to tackle your project. The success rate of seeing your project through to completion greatly increases when you have support every step of the way.

  • More Time and Energy: “For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.” -Benjamin Franklin

    Create more time and energy in your life for your top priorities. What would you like more time for?

    • Quality family time

    • Regular exercise

    • Cooking a healthy dinner

    • Sleep


About Me.

Hi! I'm Sarah and I love organizing and interior design. I started SRM Organizing LLC as a way to combine my love of all things organizing with my desire to help others create a home that reflects the life they want to live. 

My favorite things in life are simple pleasures - quality time with friends and family, good food, lots of dancing, and plenty of sunshine. Anytime I can create space in my life for simple pleasures, I am thrilled.

I am a Professional Organizer in Eau Claire, WI focusing on residential, photo, and small business organizing. I am a member of NAPO and hold their Residential Organizing and Workplace Productivity Specialist certificates. I am also an Interior Designer focusing on kitchen and bath design at Gerhard’s Kitchen and Bath Store in Eau Claire. I love making homes functional and beautiful. My bachelor's degree is in Interior Design and Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin - Stout.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, yoga, dancing, and spending time with my husband, daughter, and two kitties. Fun fact: I am a Licensed Zumba Instructor and teach classes at the Eau Claire YMCA. 

My Motto: Keep it simple. Find joy in each day. 

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