15 Best Experience Birthday Gifts

I celebrated my 32nd birthday in February and it has me thinking of ways to celebrate birthdays without adding extra stuff to my home. Don’t get me wrong I love the excitement of presents, but with each passing year I’m becoming more aware that the happiness in my life is not connected to things. Happiness for me is quality time spent with my family and friends. I love when people acknowledge my special day, but I don’t need gifts to make my day better. I do understand this concept is different for kids, but there are some ways to reign in the crazy amount of gifts they tend to get for their birthday and save your home from bursting at the seams with toys.

15 Ways to Celebrate a Birthday with Experiences

  1. Concert or Theater Tickets: Concert and theater events are a fun and memorable way to celebrate a birthday. Even if the concert is months away you will have an event to look forward to.

  2. Take a Trip: My husband’s birthday is in January and mine is in February. This year we decided that in place of gifts we would go on a family ski trip. Our family will have memories of our trip for years to come.

  3. Sporting Event: This is one of my go to gifts for my husband. There are not many physical gifts that he wants, but he loves sports so this is a fun way that we like to celebrate his birthday.

  4. Museum Season Passes: A great gift for families with love to visit the local Children’s Museum or Science Museum. They give you something to do on the weekends and last the whole year.

  5. State Park Gift Certificate: My sister loves hiking and camping and last year we learned that the Minnesota State Parks sell gift certificates. It was the perfect gift for her to spend doing what she loves.

  6. Monthly Pass to a Yoga Studio: Yoga studios have been popping up all over our town. I usually buy drop in passes instead of spending the monthly fee, but I would appreciate the gift of an unlimited yoga pass for a month.

  7. Restaurant Gift Certificate: I love getting gift certificates to my favorite restaurants. It gives me a reason to go out on a date with my husband or take a friend out to dinner for a great meal.

  8. Movie Theater Passes: Movies can get expensive, so this is a great gift to give to people who love movies or have kids.

  9. Golfing Certificates: My husband enjoys getting certificates for 9 or 18 holes of golf at the courses around town. I buy them in pairs so I can go with or he can take a friend.

  10. Donate to Your Favorite Charity: Request that your friends or family donate to your favorite charity instead of giving you a gift this year. My favorite charity is the local humane society. I’m an animal lover, so giving to the animals that need extra help makes me happy.

  11. Cooking Class: This would be a fun date night and a way to learn some new cooking skills.

  12. Massage Gift Certificate: The gift of relaxation. This is one of my favorite gifts to receive.

  13. Trampoline Park Passes: My daughter got this gift for Christmas and was so excited. She looks forwards to going to the trampoline park with friends.

  14. Professional Photo Shoot: This is something I always put off for my family, but I would use it in a heartbeat to capture my family pictures.

  15. Water Park or Skiing Season Pass: For the family that enjoys the water park in the summer or ski in the winter, this is an awesome gift.

What are your favorite experience gifts? I know there’s lots more to add to this list. Let’s hear your ideas!