3 Daily Essentials for a Cleaner Home


Daily Essential #1: Do the Dishes

Here it is - I do not like doing the dishes. No one in my house likes to do the dishes. BUT I must admit that by doing the dishes every day, my home is so much more manageable and clean. When I forget or get too busy, I pay for it - in a matter of 2 days my countertop will be heaped with mounds of dirty dishes with crusty food. By this time the dishes have become a full on project that I am procrastinating because who wants to deal with a mountain of dirty dishes?? So here’s my recommendation - don’t think about how much you don’t want to do it. Put on some music or your favorite podcast and just do the dishes. When you complete this task consistently every day, it’s actually not that bad. Stay on top of the dishes before they get out of control. Your kitchen will look so much better.

Daily Essential #2: Make Your Bed

When I make my bed, I feel ready to take on the day. I love how my bedroom looks when the bed is made and the pretty pillows are in place. I’m more likely to tidy up other areas of my home after I have made my bed for the day. This is a great way to help maintain the cleanliness and order of your home.

Daily Essential #3: Go Through The Mail

Here’s a big stumbling block for many people. Mail that builds up each day on the kitchen countertop or another horizontal surface near the door. Go through the mail as soon as you bring it in. Recycle or shred what is not needed right away. Add any important dates to the calendar or RSVP to an event. Place bills in a file to be paid (or pay them right away). By going through the mail coming in daily, you will greatly reduce your clutter and reduce the likelihood of misplaced bills.

If you are looking to reduce the amount of junk mail you are receiving, try a service like PaperKarma. It’s an easy app with a $1.99 monthly subscription.

Do you have any additional daily essentials? I’d love to hear!