New Year, New Planner


Every December I look forward to researching and selecting the planner that I will use for the upcoming year. I use a combination of a physical planner and a digital calendar. I love using my physical planner for goal setting/tracking (big picture) and a digital calendar for my family’s scheduling (day to day planning). I am able to think so much better when I can empty out the information floating around in my brain onto a sheet of paper. I am a huge fan of planners that build goal setting and tracking into their layouts. I should also note that I am a person who likes to write things down and appreciates the feel of a physical planner. There are also people who can go all digital and it works great for them. Everybody is different in what they prefer and what they will be best utilize throughout their year.

Here are some of my favorite planners that I have found over the past few years:

1. The Passion Planner

The planner I am using for 2019 is the Passion Planner. I have used this planner in the past and it was awesome for helping me move my goals forward. I used it in 2016 when I made two big professional changes in my life and it was perfect for helping me visualize the big picture of where I was headed. This year I am looking forward to using it to help me grow my business.

2. The Desire Map Planner

Last year I used Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map Planner (the weekly version). She also has a daily version available. This planner is based off of the concepts in Danielle LaPorte’s book The Desire Map which I highly recommend. In the book you will start by determining how you want to feel each day (your Core Desired Feelings), then you take action in your life to attain these feelings. This is a great planner for someone looking to explore goal setting from a different angle.

3. LifeTracker Planner

This planner is on my radar, but I have yet to try the Bossed Up LifeTracker Planner. I am amazed with everything the Bossed Up leader Emilie puts out, so I am sure this planner is fantastic for goal setting and tracking.

4. Cozi

I also use a digital calendar (Cozi Gold) for our family’s schedule. My husband and I share access to the calendar to keep track of all of the events going on in our lives. We are able to set reminders and keep track of birthdays. I have used Cozi for about 4 years and love it. They offer a free version which is also great to start with.

What do you use each day to keep your life in order? Do you use digital, physical or a mixture of both?